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Bonnier AB (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈbʊ̂nːiːr]), also the Bonnier Group, is a privately held Swedish media group of 175 companies operating in 15 countries. It is controlled by the Bonnier family.

A former employee mentioned, "Bonnier is a shell of the company it once was. I entered this company feeling supported, challenged and excited on a team of seven. By the time I was laid off a decade later, I was the last member of my team. I was laid off being told that they loved my work and my work ethic mind you. You can be laid off even if you are good at your job. The work never diminished, it just got folded into my workload. There was never really a raise to reflect my workload increases, and yes I did ask. During the last few years, they even stopped/delayed cost-of-living increases. Working 24 hour days was not impossible. Management makes big shows out of saying how great we are doing, but like clockwork, lays off entire branches of the company (all the while smiling and giving the thumbs up). Avoid this place, unless you can time travel to the early 2000s when it was a fair and supportive place to work. You will never advance here. You will be sucked dry and tossed out. You will get an attaboy then get handed a pink slip.

Benefits are terrible. Employee health should not be an opportunity to recoup company costs. I actually have real healthcare now, because my current employer understands that a supported work force is a productive work force."


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Former Employee - Marketing says

"It is a shell of the company it once was. I entered this company feeling supported, challenged and excited on a team of seven. By the time I was laid off a decade later, I was the last member of my team. I was laid off being told that they loved my work and my work ethic mind you. You can be laid off even if you are good at your job. The work never diminished, it just got folded into my workload. There was never really a raise to reflect my workload increases (and yes I did ask). During the last few years, they even stopped/delayed cost-of-living increases. Working 24 hour days was not impossible. Management makes big shows out of saying how great we are doing, but like clockwork, lays off entire branches of the company (all the while smiling and giving the thumbs up). Avoid this place, unless you can time travel to the early 2000s when it was a fair and supportive place to work. You will never advance here. You will be sucked dry and tossed out. You will get an "attaboy" then get handed a pink slip. Benefits are terrible. Employee health should not be an opportunity to recoup company costs. I actually have real healthcare now, because my current employer understands that a supported work force is a productive work force."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The CEO of Bonnier Corp that took credit for the ouster of the previous CEO has no plan other than to protect his own interests, Eric Zinczenko is a zero. He constantly compares himself to his much more successful brother. It’s sad."

Former Employee - Editor says

"The pay is ridiculous, benefits are terrible and morale is very low ever since mass layoffs have meant the employees who remain are doing twice the work with no path for advancement"

Former Employee - Editor says

"Race to the bottom as far as salaries and benefits are concerned. At this point it’s basically slave wages and if you don’t like it, there’s the door. Maybe that’s not too surprising since print magazines are basically dead. At this point it might actually make a good “Office”-style TV show. The finance department shipped off $1.5 million to Chinese hackers by accident — whoops! The CEO flew to FL to fire a senior Vice President who tried to save the company but in the most hilarious, stab-you-in-the-back kind of way. They bought a bunch of motorcycle magazines and then immediately shut them down. Had the WebDAV team redesign all the websites for all the brands and them laid all of them off. Hilarious. Evil and really dumb, but hilarious nonetheless. Company is in constant crisis mode, laying off staff, cutting budgets, reducing magazine frequency. They try anything they can think of to turn things around and nothing they do works, mainly because the mediocre management at Bonnier Corp. is terrible. The thing is, they never take a look in the mirror and think, maybe we’re the problem."

Former Employee - Digital Marketing says

"Clueless and self-serving management, wrong people promoted for the wrong reasons. Morale is terrible, everyone is stressed and if you read a positive review, it's a sock puppet from management. Unless you are currently homeless and really need the money, you can do better waiting tables."

Former Employee - Editor says

"This company suffers from many things, not the least of which is a serious problem with racial and gender diversity among the management team. Go have a look for yourself on the Bonnier Corp website under "Our Company" and then "Management". Of the 14 people listed as management staff, 12 are phenotypically white and 12 are male. This means that 85% of the total management staff are white males. The six person executive team is 100% white male. Additionally, among the editorial staff of Bonnier's dwindling titles, there are very few people of color."

Former Employee - Assistant Editor says

"Profit margins by zero-vision management are increased through a single means: staff layoffs en masse. I was laid off from a title that Bonnier killed after an 80-year run, having no clue how to handle the brand. Because of the company's mismanagement, the HR team botched my healthcare and extended my plan without telling me while I had already switched to another healthcare plan. This has happened to a number of former employees. As a result, I am in a endless communication loop about billing with several healthcare companies and Bonnier refuses to help fix this problem they caused. Do not under any circumstance take a job with this company, they have no idea what they're doing."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The "Corporation" of Bonnier Corporation cares nothing about passion...or quality...or integrity..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Literally everything else. This company is run poorly and the only "solution" upper management has year after year is mass layoffs. Do not be fooled by their "invest in employees" front! You will have a job one day and then have the rug pulled from under you the next with ZERO warning - you and 100 of your friends. This company is a joke. Everyone is over worked and under paid. Job responsibilities are constantly being absorbed by employees who have yet to escape. To top it off, most of the time this means more work without compensation. Why pay you for what they asked you nicely to do? SMH. While I watched good departments with great people get completely axed, the company turns around and hires morons to fill unnecessary roles. Don't even get me started on advancement opportunities. Their strategy is to hire people while they're young and stupid and when these employees finally wise up and ask for more money - cut the cord and start the process again. TL;DR If you love being overworked and underpaid with zero career growth or job security - This is the place for you!"


"Everything else. Any positive review is from the management or a new hire they forced to anonymously write a half witted review. They routinely ask and guilt trip any unknowing intern to write a review here and on other sites. At 40 years old I thought this genre would be what I imagined 20 years ago from being a fan of its titles. It was not, not by any definition. The management in Winter Park are imbeciles and any left over dinosaurs that are employed still after numerous “efficiencies” are on the low end of the iq scale. The younger people that work there are either completely and utterly ignorant, or they are deservingly due a lifetime of state sponsored free meals. Anyone that has been employed over a year or two that still exist here is part of a group of the worst people on the planet. It’s like the left over club of rejects of a high school drama club. Want to work for a flashy version of a government dismantled group of myspace bandwagoneers, or craigslist sex profiteers... apply here. They have ruined one title after another, that took a lifetime to develop from people with actual talent, from the people they ran off the job before them, to ruin with promotion of the least qualified indiums. I cannot express enough about how terrible the management, or anyone still with this pump and dump empire, with any experience is with this terd of a obvious rape prone investor capitalist worst wet dream. They have lost millions of dollars from email scams to the CEO with obvious spam emails to upper management, sexual harassment lawsuits, stolen IP, and actually stealing physical items from subcontractors (the last source of decent content). This company and anyone involved should be avoided at all cost."

Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"miserable place, no growth, unfriendly environment. very small office and not a place to learn or grow. old fashioned mind set and not caring about employees. management is horrible and there are no checks and balances between departments. unstable job security.good hoursno advancement, company failing, unstable"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"My experience with the head of Marketing has been awful. A total lack of acumen in roles and responsibities regarding traditional marketing and communication duties. Yes, added requirements are normal but the head of Marketing does not have even the basic knowledge of roles. Turn over is high, building out campaigns/initiatives are package good.knowledge of integrated marketing"

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company recently laid off 70 people, and I was one of them. Loved what I did in my production manager role, but no future with Bonnier. Company is doing poorly financially and not sure if the company will be closed by the end of 2018.Good co-workersCompany is doing poorly financially. Company may be closing by the end of 2018"

Web Designer (Former Employee) says

"Bonnier's European divisions function under a much more enlightened management structure that values and nurtures employees. Unfortunately, the US division is still saddled with some management relics from its original North American acquisition. The result, as others have pointed out, is a combination of casual, almost negligent attention to some aspects of operation, coupled with a fear-based approach to job security and revenue expectations. If you are looking for a career start, it's a decent place toget your feet wet, then move on, but job satisfaction and long-term career opportunities will remain limited so long as current management team lingers. Situation is made worse by shrinking margins in traditional print business and slow adoption of best practices for online divisions. Ongoing series of unannounced layoffs has lowered employee morale, but until economy improves, they will likely be able to continue to attract, exploit and discard their lower to mid level employees.casual work environment, interesting subject matter, easy to get hired.easy to get fired, shrinking opportunities for advancement, tremendous pressure to meet unreasonable revenue goals to offset other losses"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bonnier Corp has many great people creating great magazines and programs but the people are not valued and there have been layoffs (or entire department outsourcing) every year since 2008. Part of the problems are industry issues, but the culture is nonexistent, the people that are left are overworked and still in fear for their jobs, most people have serious doubts about CEOs leadership ability, and morale is very low."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"The day was usually spent either fixing another's errors or trying to find someone (anyone) who actually had an answer. Learned not to give my opinion on anything. Learned that all my good ideas where claimed by others. Learned much about my department ... Too bad there isn't a certificate for "higher learning". Management used to be great. They knew how to open the doors for employees to learn, advance, grow and explore. The newer managers are from tired idea companies and they are terrified to the point of threats, continually. Even with a smile! Co-workers were engaging, inclusive and fun. Now, the constant threats has the cower-and-duck type of atmosphere. The hardest part is trying to get anything done without a struggle or a fight. The most enjoyable ... was the environment but now more like surviving another day without being fired or laid off. Benefits, casual dress, great interest titles, plenty of outside activitiesFear, pay rates, bad management, over-reaching expectations."

Editor (Former Employee) says

"Best suited for those looking to break into the industry. Not ideal for those wanting to push boundaries. If you keep your head down, get your work done, and don't mind longer hours, you'll succeed here.Good peoplePoor Management"

Project Manager and Producer, Men's Group (Former Employee) says

"Management does not recognize employee value, focusing on internal relationships at the cost of work product. No vision. The CEO is out of touch with the larger world and the company."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"When it's good, it's good but it turned bad quick in 2017. The company is unstable and layoffs were frequent at the end. Management does not have a clear direction for the company in the digital-media landscape. There are too many advertisements on the brand websites and digital audience numbers are dropping, with no clear answers from leadership except to ramp up the unappealing advertising to fulfill widening revenue gaps between actual and projected results.There's no sign that the layoffs and restructuring will stop. The people who work there are good people and they work hard. They deserve more direction and confidence from management.Good people, good benefitsBad Management, No Direction or Leadership"

Print/Online (Former Employee) says

"The collection of talented, dedicated people make time at Bonnier extremely enjoyable, however there's an overarching fear tactic used by upper management. It's made very clear that people are nothing more than numbers, so make sure your job is tied to revenue. It's a great place to gain experience, but they'll try and fool you into thinking a promotion is always just around the corner, where in reality it's just another set of responsibilities with no additional compensation. You'll feel like you're always on the precipice of greatness... but nothing actually evolves or changes there due to a very thin layer of print-dinosaur upper management.flexible hours, great coworkers, casual atmospherehigh turnover, no advancement, impossible workloads, fear tactics"

Order Entry and Billing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Overall, I enjoyed my time there. Bonnier had its ups and downs like any other organzaition. The first half of my employment was wonderful, but after some of the supervisors had either retired or been let go, the culture greatly shifted for the worse. I would've eventually ended up leaving, but was laid off before I had the opportunity.Good healthcare and great co-workers that I still keep in touch withOver emphasis on mistakes you made, but little to emphasis on the things you did right"

Support at Bonnier (Current Employee) says

"Decent benefits and pay. Mgt shows favoritism - great if you're looking for a "buddy" and the different departments don't mingle much so it's a lot like cliques in high school; fun, right?free coffee/tealittle concern for morale or employee relations"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Massive layoffs just occurred. The environment has everyone wondering if/when they will be laid off as well. People are wearing numerous hats to cover the work of those laid off."

Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Bonnier and the individual brands within the company are striving for growth and innovation in an increasingly cluttered environment for content producers/publishers. I enjoy the freedom to be creative and solution-oriented without layers of approval or corporate red tape, the opportunity to make and commit to important decisions, and to test new ideas in real time. I struggle to work with the limited resources of a company that is not quite as innovative as it wants to be, as well as the demand of several job responsibilities rolled into a single position. My co-workers are hard-working, passionate, collaborative, supportive, and genuinely good people."

Marketing Designer (Former Employee) says

"Although it had a great atmosphere and great management, it is very unstable. It was a great environment however. Management and HR were fabulous and a pleasure to work for.Great atmosphere and managementUnstable work and layoffs"

Advertising Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Great work environment but upper management lacks leadership and direction."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at Bonnier. I liked the people and the culture, but it was an unstable environment and I constantly worried about my job security. Easy to get promoted, but compensation is low."

Sales Assistant-Corporate-Technology Group (Former Employee) says

"Nice relaxing Job. They treat there employee good.Nice people there"

Kim W says

"SNYD! Tegn aldrig abonnement hos de svindlere. Man gør alt korrekt, men de har altid en måde at få dig til at betale 300-500kr ekstra når du afmelder dit abonnement. Hold dig væk.."

Henrik Mortensen says

"Opsagde mit abbonnement for en lille måned siden. Nu modtager jeg så et nyt blad med en regning for de kommende 4 numre. Jeg kontakter kundeservice der informerer mig om at jeg har opsagt mit abbonnement efter opstart af en ny "periode" og derfor skal betale for yderligere 4 numre!! Dette er svindel og bundefangeri. Hold jer langt væk fra dette firma!!!"

Eva Heegård says

"HOLD DIG VÆK!!! Bladene er super fne. Men så snart du skal opsige dit abonement går det galt. Jeg har prøvet det af flere omgange. De begyndte endda at køre videre med opkrævninger osv efter jeg HAVDE fået vredet armen rundt på dem og fået en bekræftelse på at jeg havde opsagt og at jeg ikke skyldte dem noget. Man kommer ALDRIG af med dem. Sørg for at optage samtaler med dem. hold dem fast på skriftlig dokumentation for opsigelse osv. Det er en SUPER smart måde at føre forretning på når man bare fortsætter med at kræve penge ind og nægte at sende bekræftelse på at kunden har opsagt. Jeg gør det ALDRIG igen! ALDRIG!"

Pernille says

"Puha! Man ved næsten ikke hvor man skal starte. SVINDEL firma, der sender regninger, trods jeg ikke skylder penge!! Herefter sendes man til INTRUM, hvor INGEN, hverken INTRUM eller Bonnier vil løse sagen. Hold jer LANGT LANGT VÆK! Bondefangeri på højt plan!"

G-T says

"Hold jer væk. Velkomstgaverne kommer ikke, og ringer man til "Kundeservice", siger de at Sælgerne kan finde på hvad som helst for at få ordren i hus. Det kan være gratis blade eller andet. To gange er vi nu blevet snydt, og tror ikke at vi ser den GRATIS vase eller de fire GRATIS numre af bladet vi skulle abonnere på nogensinde. Desuden fungerer deres saldo system ikke, så når man logger ind, så passer oversigten heller ikke. Med småt står der at man skal ringe ind i stedet, men hvad hjælper det når medarbejderen så ikke oplyser hvad saldo er, udover at der skyldes penge. Virker som organiseret svindel!!! Og desværre mange der åbenbart har samme opfattelse."

Jamesol says

"Det følgende er en anmeldelse af Trustpilot, men min holdning til Bonnier (som åbenbart selv skriver 7% af anmeldelserne om Bonnier på Trustpilot) fremgår også: I får to stjerner, fordi anmeldelser på Trustpilot er en god måde at lægge pres på virksomheder til at opføre sig ordentligt. Men desværre dumper I, når jeg ikke kan benytte det udtryk for en virksomhed, som jeg finder passende for at understrege, hvor vi er med den her virksomhed. I fjerner min anmeldelse af 'intrum', givetvis fordi jeg benævner dem en 'lortevirksomhed', og I meddeler mig det ikke engang, så jeg skal finde ud af det ved en tilfældighed. Jeg havde efter et tidligere mig tilsendt skriftligt krav om betaling for et abonnement meddelt 'intrum', at deres krav på vegne af Bonniers ikke havde noget på sig. Bonniers havde uden at meddele mig noget om noget problem ved et prøve-abonnement på 'Gør Det Selv' sendt sagen til 'intrum'. Jeg havde afmeldt mit abonnement tidligt under prøve-abonnementet og ikke modtaget yderligere blade ud over prøve-abonnementet, men derimod mails 'til tidligere abonnenter'. Jeg havde ved afmeldingen hos Bonniers også sat kryds ved årsagen til ophør af mit prøve-abonnement, at jeg blot ville have gaven, som fulgte med et prøve-abonnement. Måske var Bonniers sure over dette, det ved jeg ikke, og måske var det den egentlige årsag til, at de pudsede 'intrum' på mig. Men alle disse ting forklarede jeg 'intrum' i en mail efter deres første tilsendte betalingskrav. De svarede ikke, men derfor kunne jeg jo godt antage, at nu er sagen i orden. Men nogle måneder efter, for nylig, var 'intrum' der igen med et betalingskrav inklusive renter, der markant overgår det påståede betalingskrav. Jeg kunne forstå på andre anmeldelser af 'intrum' - det er jo det, vi har Trustpilot til - at fremgangsmåden var en gængs for dem: at skræmme folk til at betale. Men jeg lader mig ikke skræmme, jeg kalder dem i stedet, hvad der er passende for netop dem, en 'lortevirksomhed'. På grund af det principielt forkerte i, at lade netop de værste syndere blandt virksomheder slippe, fordi vi ikke må kalde dem det, de reelt er, så ændrer jeg min indledningsvise karaktér givning til Trustpilot til kun én stjerne, nul havde været mere passende."

Bjørn says

"Styr unna dette selskapet. De prøver å svindle deg. Jeg tok et prøveabonnement på 2 utgaver, og stoppet det. Fikk så ikke blader på lang tid, som riktig var. Så sendte de faktura. Jeg klaget umiddelbart, og fikk svar at abonnementet var opphørt, og at jeg ikke skyldte noe. Så sendte de meg blader igjen, og påsto at jeg ikke hadde sagt opp i tide. Jeg betaler selvfølgelig ikke, og det bør heller ingen andre gjøre. Jeg tar det videre. Dette er SVINDEL."

Andreas Meth Fuglsang says

"Jeg har været glad for deres blade af flere omgange over mange år. Men så efter at have fået illustreret videnskab sidste gang, har jeg åbenbart ikke fået betalt en enkelt gang, hvorefter jeg ikke har set skyggen af en rykker eller lignende på hverken post, mail eller eboks. Så kommer der en Inkasso regning hvor de 391 som jeg skulle have betalt (som jeg ikke har fået gjort - min fejl naturligvis den tager jeg på mig.) er blevet til hele 1.191kr. Jeg er så skuffet over intet at have hørt og pludselig får en sådan regning og skal straffes med RKI ud af det blå, hvis jeg ikke betaler inden 2 hverdage efter at få den i min postkasse (hvilket også undrer mig - hvorfor kommer inkassoregningen i min postkasse, men ikke de to omtalte rykkere, som der påstås at være sendt.)"

Maria says

"Gode blade, men desværre et firma der lever af de ting der står med småt, som snyder folk. Selv om Bonnier Publications bestemt har mange gode blade, må jeg tilslutte mig de dårlige anmeldser. 2 gange har jeg købt balde hos dem, begge gange har jeg haft STORE problemer med at opsige bladende, snakket med uforskammet kundeservice (så slem at jeg endte med en skriftlig undskylding) og generalt bare haft forfærdelige oplevelser. Når man køber noget fra dem, kommer man ind i et meget dyrt abonnement, som er svært at komme ud af, og jeg vil derfor opfordre folk til bare at lade være med at melde sig til, til at starte med."

Hans Jørn Pallesen says

"Samme oplevelse som hos andre. Finte blade, elendigt abonnement. Man føler sig bondefanget i abonnementscirkus, hvor betalingsmetoderne skifter mellem kortbetaling og girobetaling, så en regning ikke bliver betalt med gebyropkrævning til følge. Irriterer mig meget, og derfor vil jeg ikke abonnere på nogen af deres magasiner længere. Alle er opsagt. Forstår ikke, at det betaler sig for dem i længden."

Martin Krogslund Klausen says

"Jeg bliver kontaktet af Bonnier, som ønsker at sælge mig Illustreret Videnskab. Dum som jeg er, accepterer jeg prisen på DKK 79,- for 3 blade samt en velkomstgave i 2018. Jeg ser aldrig nogen af delene. Jeg opsiger abonnementet og nu et år efter modtager jeg regning, rykkere etc. for blade jeg ALDRIG nogensinde har modtaget. Pengene er trukket fra mit kreditkort og kun fordi det udløber kommer det til min kundskab. Det værste jeg har været med til!! Det er ren humbug."

Alic says

"Bonnier er ren tyveri. Spar jer selv for bøvlet og hold jer langt væk fra deres abonnementer. Når du først er oprettet, så kommer du ikke ud af det igen før at du har betalt den ene efter den anden regning. Modtog aldrig mine høretelefoner eller mine højtalere, men regninger har jeg fået rigeligt af. Utroligt at det kan være lovligt at drive forretning på denne måde. Deres service via telefonen er uhøflig og direkte nedladende. Aldrig igen!"

Maja Johansson says

"Da jeg bestiller et abonnement på Bo Bedre loves der en gave, som jeg vil modtage efter 14 dage. En måned senere har jeg endnu ikke modtaget gaven. Jeg ringer ind og spørger til min gave, og får besked på at jeg vil modtage den i midten af november (over halvanden måned efter jeg har bestilt abonnementet), da den er i restordre. Jeg spørger om der ikke er en kompensation for det, da gaven skulle være brugt på en ferie, og får svaret, at jeg bare skal være glad for at jeg får den ønskede gave, da de nogle gange er nødt til at gi’ en anden gave i stedet. Et ønske kunne være at man fik besked om at gaven ikke kom til tiden. Nu håber jeg bare at jeg modtager gaven i det hele taget."

Nettelbladt says

"De er simpelthen de værste. De lover guld og grønne skove med deres tilbud og så sidder du tilbage med en regning på produkter, som du ikke har bedt om - hvilket de skrev i deres tilbud ikke ville ske. Helt og aldeles upålidelige og uforskammede. Vil til hver en tid advare alle mod at bruge deres tilbud."

Andreas says

"Fuldkommen svindel for det første ringer de selvom man er på robinson listen og så tilmelder jeg mig 3 blade og en gave som ikke er bindende da jeg modtager det sidste blad ringer jeg ind og afmelder de siger i telefonen at jeg ikke får flere blade og afmeldelsen er modtaget hvorefter der går lidt tid og jeg modtager blade da jeg så ringer ind og vil klager siger de jeg skulle have ringet inden jeg modtog det sidste blad Og at jeg skal have bevis på hvornår jeg ringede da jeg har fået ny mobil er dette ikke muligt Dette firma burde lukkes og få at vide de skulle betaler alle dem de har løjet for og røget tilbage! alle der arbejder for firmaet er første klasse svin!"

Ulla Kaaber Christensen says

"Aldrig har jeg været ude for en større bondefangeri, end det jeg netop har oplevet med Bonnier. Historien er lang, men for at gøre den kort, har de tilladt sig at trække på mit kort selvom jeg har betalt de abonnementer og ovenikøbet har vedhæftet dokumentation for at abonnementerne er betalte. Igennem de sidste 14 dage er de så kommet med den ene undskyldning efter den anden på hvorfor jeg ikke kan få mine penge tilbage. De har ovenikøbet været så frække at reservere endnu et beløb på mit kort. Jeg har købt 2 abonnementer som jeg har sagt op for længst og jeg er blevet trukket for et yderligere, samt er på vej til at blive trukket for 4 gang. Hvad er det dog for et firma der benytter sig af den slags kneb. ALDRIG nogensinde vil jeg købe noget af dem igen. De burde faktisk have ørerne i maskinen, sådan rigtigt."

Tanja Cederberg says

"Må tilslutte mig alle de andre dårlige anmeldelser - sjældent har jeg stødt på SÅ RINGE en kundeservice!! Jeg skal aldrig mere tegne et abonnement gennem Bonnier og jeg kan på det kraftigste fraråde andre at gøre det - de har ikke styr på ret meget derinde, desværre 😔"

Lea says

"Bestiller et iform abonnement og betaler med mit forbrugsforeningen kort. Opsiger det, så det passer med jeg ikke får mere end de blade. Modtager efterfølgende et brev om jeg har misforstået noget og ikke betalt min regning. Jeg kontakter dem og spørg hvorfor de har sendt den, når jeg har betalt med mit forbrugsforeningskort. Han fortæller mig at de ikke kunne trække beløbet da ordren er lagt en måned før jeg skulle modtage mit første brev. Jeg får afvide jeg skal skrive til dem, da jeg ikke er tilfreds med det svar. I svaret på min mail får jeg pludselig afvide kortet er afvist at uvisse årsager. Jeg beder dem om at nedskrive regningen med den rabat jeg ville have opnået hos forbrugsforeningen - mest af ren princip, da jeg ikke kan få lov at betale med det kort jeg har valgt. Det kan de ikke fordi jeg har opsagt mit abonnement. Ifølge forbrugsforeningen som jeg kontaktede fik jeg oplyst at bonnier har skiftet system og de har haft rigtig mange igennem i foråret, som ikke har kunne betale med deres kort hos bonnier. De fortæller mig at jeg skal bede dem og at trække på kortet igen. Men det vil bonnier ikke svare på når jeg skriver det. Den sidste der svare på henvendelsen, siger bare hun intet kan gøre når jeg har opsagt mit abonnement. Hun kan så ikke engang svare på mine spørgsmål. Elendig kundeservice"